True to my word to support Tzuyu

It can be frustrating when a Youtube video intended to calm the waters ends up flooded with comments of hate.

I have put in three comments to try to stop the rainfall. They, however, get lost in the negativity.

In the flood I see comment after comment putting down the Chinese or JYP.

I think I need leave the comment area alone, and hope my last post on the topic can have an impact.

True to my call to support Tzuyu, I have bought the Twice CD, and the only Got7 CD I hadn’t bought.

If you have no idea what I am talking about here is another article on the topic.

Chinese government bans TWICE and accuse member Tzuyu of treason

I feel personally that attacking the Chinese government or the Chinese netizens will do nothing to calm the problem. Instead of spreading hate, I tried complementing Tzuyu, JYP and the Chinese together in one comment.

I need to think of a hashtag… #SupportTzuyuAndChina

Perhaps someone can better come up with a hashtag to calm the waters then me. Anyway, all k-pop fandoms, it is time to use wisdom instead of hate to support a 16 year old girl who got caught in a whirlwind.

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