The Arcturians- The Genetic Activation of the Hueman Race and the Successful Mission Completion of ALL First Wave Volunteers.

I think I am a first wave volunteer. I am curious as to what will happen to the First Wavers now. I intend to stay here, and continue to anchor my vibration. Also I will Blog so that the Second Wavers have a site to come across, and relate to.

I was actually given the choice of death one night. I was given the knowledge of having completed my task on Earth. So it was presented to me that a great sickness could spread across the land to take away my life and the life of those who had completed the mission. At this point someone coughing horribly was walking past my window. I could picture this person as the Grim Riper. I thought, “No, let us learn from joy.” Perhaps many other First Wavers made this choice. Enough that a great sickness was not needed to explain all the Souls wanting to leave Earth. Yet, those who choose Death (knowingly or unknowingly) have been leaving.

We that remain are here to live in this realm in happiness. We have been fighting for a long time. Now we get to have a vacation on Earth. The Second Wavers very well could have made it without our extra support, but we like supporting them.

Lightlover Journal


The Arcturians- The Genetic Activation of the “Hueman” Race and the Successful Mission Completion of ALL First Wave Volunteers.

January 1,2016.

It is with Peace,Love and Boundless Joy that we join YOU in this incredible moment of this NOW of this “New Year”.

The Magnitude of what has been accomplished by ALL on Earth cannot be expressed in words.

The Incoming Source Evolutionary Energies are supporting and assisting in fully anchoring the Christ Consciousness across all grids.

The forerunners,(galactic volunteer souls AND hueman souls),have cleared from Within all necessary grids and have fully stepped into their Christ Avatar Self.

Humanity is beginning to remember that there infinite ways of experiencing this Creation, descension is NOT the only way.
They are remembering WHO THEY ARE.
The Master Angelic Blueprint Race.
High Heart Chakra activations are NOW accessible to ALL who wish it upon Earth.

The cycle of descension has shifted and…

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