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Energy returns

cool_imageMy posting has decreased since the beginning of November. I have been in a state of extreme tiredness. At night, I would wake up many times, and therefore had to sleep into the day when possible. My eyes seemed tired whether I used my new glasses or old ones. Finally my energy has returned, and as fate would have it, it returned at 10pm. I am planning, therefore, on a late night.

My last Channeling was hardly my best work. The result of Channeling because I lacked Inspiration to write my own post.

I was thinking about the food printer again, the one Corey Goode talked of. Before I had suggested getting an Internet function to the printer, connected to recipe sites. I was just thinking about how it could be connected to diet and nutrition sites too. If you make sure to eat the entire printed meal, and, the printer had recorded the nutritional information of the meal, you could easily track meals. Corey Goode talked about a liquid dispenser that was separate. If there was a space to put a USB in both all the liquid dispensers and food printers, you could carry around a USB that wirelessly connects to an electronic that tracks diet information. I think the most annoying thing about dieting is keep track of what you eat. Furthermore, the electronic could suggest foods that would be good to eat, given the kinds of nutrition you haven’t had in a while.

Also the USB could be loaded with the files for your favorite foods, so that you can get them from any food printer/liquid dispenser.

Restaurants could exist, as places to seat and eat. They would have suggested files as part of the menu, and food printers at every table. They would provide dishes, and wash them afterwards. If there is still an economy, it would be privately owned places with food files they personally designed. Otherwise, society will have to set up spaces as restaurants somehow, because of all the empty old restaurants are still useful.

You see the trick to getting a food file is as follows. The Ingredients for foods are downloadable. You download and print the Ingredients and cook. Then you place the finished meal into the printer and upload. You have the choice of placing the file online for free, or for a price (if there is an economy). The printers can be connected to electronics to store the files or download new ones.

Hence, those who love to cook, can continue to cook. Grandma can still have her Secret Cookie Recipe passed down though the generations. Those who do not like to cook do not have to, but say you are a gardener. You grow what looks like a tasty tomato, and you want to duplicate it. You can Upload the tomato file. Print it out several times. Cut in all different ways, and upload each dicing or slicing. Then you have the same choice of placing the food files online, or you can have your perfectly grown tomato passed down through the generations, like a Secret Recipe.

So growing food will not longer need to be about quantity, but quality.

Furthermore, other printers will be able to upload and download files that are not food based. Like the Flowers from your Garden. An Ancient Antique from a Museum that is in great condition can be placed in a big uploader, and printed from a big printer. So if you want the furniture from the Louvre, you can get an exact copy. So new furniture design will be about quality too. Also great paintings, and sculptures, if you have a duplicator, and no economy, why not duplicate it freely. Pieces of Art History could be studied in person all over the world at the same time. Just print out the file for an ancient Jade Dragon (random example), and you can see it yourself.

Even if the ability to print gold, and money makes the economy pointless. Where everyone has what they need to survive with little effort. I think people will start getting productive quickly. Perhaps more productive then before, as everyone will be able to focus on something other then food.

I think it will be essential, if the economy becomes pointless, to provide education. When people no longer want to follow a job they hate just to make money, they will turn to their dreams. Art School and Music School, I think will have a great increase in numbers. A few people will get trapped in games, but I have already stated that if the game is designed to be fun and useful to society, this can be a benefit. (Such as making games that actually design buildings. Minecraft shows how dedicated people can be to designing houses one block at a time. Why not let gamers create the designs for cities?)

Other areas will have a decrease in numbers. Once being a Doctor is no longer one of the highest paying professions, only those who want to help others will enter that field.

There will also be people who will want to learn the new technology to improve it. As I stated before, Corey Goode, says that there is still a need to grow some foods. Likely because the food printers are not detailed enough yet, to get the fine structure of some plants. So before my daydreams about the potential of this technology can be realized, some re-designing has to be done. It is perhaps true that the printers Corey Goode used have already been advanced.

Yet, I think that after the new technology is released so that necessities are taken care of. Focus should go into building up new lesson plans at Schools of all levels. From History to Science to Art etc, everything will need a redesign. I think it is important that the schools do not fall. As parents will want their children learning, and adults will want to learn. The system is already there, it just needs to be adapted, and expanded. As the number of people who suddenly don’t have to worry about funding for education, so want to learn about their passion, will outnumber the space in the current education system.

I have also been thinking about the house printer. This would be a number of different machines on wheels. There would be an board at the bottom to keep the positions of the machines correct. The house would be printed level by level. This will require a lot more thought in the design then this.

Another technology I heard of is an E.T. technology where the space inside a spaceship is greater then the size of a spaceship. Much like the tents in Harry Potter, that have huge insides and small outsides. I think this will be an essential technology for crowded cities. Just imagine how much happier New Yorkers could be, if they went home to a mansion, instead of a small closet sized apartment. Yet, their mansion would take up no more space in the city itself then a closet.

I think trading for information on how to create this technology would advance city life. I just don’t know how you would create windows. I think you would have to create fake windows that could appear to open up to tropical paradises. So real you can see the distance, and reach out your hand. Or maybe you would prefer a Window opening up to Snow Covered Mountains. The air coming in the window would have to match the environment.

Either way, I think this technology would enable us to take up less space, and allow nature more space. Beyond just city apartments. Dorm rooms could be the same. Still close to the places you need for education, but so much space to hold a party… or whatever it is college students would do if they didn’t have to worry about food, or no space in the dorms.

I will be keeping my mind open on how to improve life, if limitations are taken away. I think I am quite skilled at designing, when you don’t have to worry about the detailed technical aspects of the design. Just a loose understanding of potential technology, and how it could be improved.

The main area I haven’t touched on it Transportation. I say for the cities, faster, easy to understand Subways still remain the best. For areas with more space for cars, self-driving cars that move faster. In areas with no parking the Buses and Subway systems need to be top notch.

Another idea I was thinking about was quiet big boats that are like cruises, but cities on water. They have to be extra quiet to not annoy whales, not like todays boats. Some could be set up like Universities, where you are studying Marine Life, and the cities you visit. Some could be a learning vacation style of Ship. With the technology from E.T. to make small rooms bigger on the inside, I think this kind of city could easily be built without getting a bigger ship.

I don’t see Cruise Ships surviving without an Economy, but people will still want to Cruise. The current Cruise system depends on paying International workers low amounts of money. Who would want those jobs if they no longer need it. So the Ship will have to be turned into a city. Vacationers can stay in the ship Hotel, while others make the Ship into a home. Perhaps some Universities will have abroad studies that include the Education ships. Other ships will be for those who just love being on an Ocean. These ships would travel year around, and Vacationers can visit during certain voyages.

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