Update on Plan

I am waiting for an email response from the organizer to the Great Lakes Shamanic Community. I was asking for advice on Rain Dancing, and if it can be done for another location. There is so much Native American tradition, that perhaps there is a special dance to do this. Otherwise I will have to seek someone who is qualified to create such a dance.

I also emailed the person in charge of the Mission San Juan Bautista Rain Dance to make sure it was okay to focus on her location and dance. I also asked advice how to create a Dance outside of California and send the Rain to San Juan Bautista. She recommended finding an elder in a local tribe to hold a Rain Dance. The elder should be given a gift of Tobacco, or another gift for holding the dance. While this is a future possibility, I need to create a group to do the dance first.art6

You see, I could easily just follow the instructions online, and advise everyone to dance in there own personal location. Yet, I feel respecting tradition is in order here. I think we will receive more respect from the Land, if we follow that traditions that were practiced long ago. I feel as if the Land is missing the past.

Also this is a opportunity to show respect for Native American culture without just stealing. Therefore it is important to wait a response from the Great Lakes Shamanic Community.

After I get a response I might be creating a Facebook page with Instructions on how to Rain Dance for another location.

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