Enjoying the Freedom of Expression

I am a believer of Past Lives. I think that is clear. I was just enjoying one of the highlights of the time period: The Freedom of Expression. The freedom to transfer knowledge in book, that once would have been burned. The freedom to write about beliefs outside the Mainstream, and not be punished with death. If I choose, I could even practice Witchcraft or Shamanism without being burned or executed.

While there are still those who do not feel this freedom completely. They are still able to access knowledge once forbidden. This is not true in all parts of the world.

So in this lifetime, I am enjoying that Freedom. In many a past life, I was a writer, who either had to code their beliefs as Fantasy/Myth, or follow the writing rules of these in power. So in this life, all those writers finally have the chance to write much more freely then before. In past lives, I can picture myself writing everything I wanted to say, but burning the pages afterwards in fear.

This is the mark of the dawning age. An age where people can have beliefs that fit into no mold, and write about them online. Some of us need to still write in anonymity, but write freely we can.


Categories: Beginnings

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