A Summer Feel for Temperance


As the last bit of Summer hangs in the balance. The question of whether my vacation will be rained out remains unanswered. Either way Fan Art seems to be a complicated topic. So much so I took down a majority of my Fan Art on the site. I left up Girls Generation Temperance because it was hard to tell it was Fan Art. I attempted to do another Temperance card. (One hand on the sand instead of one foot in the water.)

I was at the Comic books store the other day, and looking at the Magic Cards. I was thinking it would be cool if someone did this with Tarot/Oracle cards. They could come in random packs, and the combination in the pack would be your reading for the day. First off there would be a starter deck explaining how to use the cards, and then there would be hundreds of different Oracle cards to collect. If it takes off someday maybe even as many Oracle cards as there are Magic Cards.

If I had the money I would start this business.

I will admit that the reason I used images of people to create Fan Art was because I have a lack of people welling to model for me, and am not talented creating humans from scratch. When I drew people as a child, I tended to focus on the face. Human forms are very challenging for art, and I do not have one of those wooden art dolls anymore. I always created blocky people when I used the wooden artist model.

From an picture I can create pretty good humans and faces. This is me below. And if I had spent more time on the Temperance Girls Generation card, I would have created a better picture. I, however, knew that I shouldn’t focus on the original too much.


Origanal below. I remember my High School art teacher telling me that it is a bad idea to draw from a picture instead of real life, because then you rely on the picture.


I have the unique perspective of an artist who mainly relied on my Past Life experience to do artwork. I was always good, but never did as much actual artwork as the other students in my class. Then I became Mentally Ill, and artwork didn’t feel the same. So I only did enough work to get through college. I focused on the Digital side in college, but am now out of date. My programs, though good, are old.

I am also in the perspective of an art student who had all their quality supplies stolen. I still have some quality stuff, but my paint/paintbrushes are gone. I will go into a store to look at the brushes, and not want to spend all that money. So I invested in good colored pencils and cheap oil pastels. I, however, do most everything on a computer. I do not need to constantly resupply a computer.

I need to work on drawing humans from scratch.

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