The rare little ability to sleep night

As my sleep problems go, it is often too much need for sleep that is the problem. Last night was just one of those nights that was the opposite. Given my Mental Illness, some would say Mania, but my mind was not racing. Even those with Mental illness can have nights of little sleep, without it needing to be Mania, or hypomania. My guess is that my system will get tired earlier tonight to make up for it. Inlava_water fact I can feel the temptation of sleep already building.

Thankfully, I am pretty adoptable when it comes to sleep as someone who previously was thought Bipolar. This is because my symptoms are linked to my thyroid. If my thyroid is balanced, too little sleep does not have the same impact.

I am unsure if I posted this picture already.

I actually think that the Angels are trying to fix my sleeping hours before my vacation. I will be needed on Earlier hours soon.

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