In Painting our own reality remember to learn from the simple

A lot of teachers will point out how we create our own reality.

Here is a silly example from my gaming days. Bare with me there is a point to this story.

In the game, Battle Camp, it was necessary to do online trading of monsters you caught, but the game made you wait 12 days between friending a person and being able to trade. I was traveling in real life and having trouble with a trade. I read a Facebook message about the trade, and then thought, I cannot deal with this now, I will reply later. Little did I realize that the message would show up as seen, and not responded to.

Later I responded to the message, and explained things. The day before the trade I had a nice conversation with the trader. I wished him a Happy Chinese New Year because he was from China. Hours later, I received a email that my account had been Flagged, saying I backed out of a trade. I hadn’t.

I thought that the complex problems with this simple trade had all been a trick. I had been fooled by some kid who likes frame people as bad traders. I even thought of leaving the game, because I didn’t like playing a game in which trades were set up this way.

I could have stopped there, and forever I would have created my own reality. I could have angrily texted the trader. Yet with thought, I decided it was possible to have a misunderstanding. Somewhere along the line something had gone wrong. Messaging the trader I learned that he had thought I had backed out of the trade when I saw the message, but didn’t respond right away. He sent an email requesting that the flag be removed.

Do you see how I was creating my own reality? If I had responded differently, I would have forever lived in a world where seemly nice traders get laughs from ruining peoples reputation.

Misperceptions happen, in every conversation. Language tries its best to transfer thoughts, but it is not a thought. The same words can bring different emotions and ideas then those trying to be conveyed. You might think this hardly something worth a blog post, but to me it is a real life example of a complex teaching. It is so complex that I doubt I have captured the essence.

People want dramatic stories of break-ups and fights to learn about how language doesn’t really work. They want life threatening situations to learn that someone creates their own reality. Now that story makes the Headline, but if you learn from the little things you save yourself a lot of stress.

Yes, something as simple as trading in a mobile phone game can be awakening, if you have the eyes to see beauty. That is the role of the artist sometimes, to highligsymbolht the mundane, and say there is something you are missing. Yes, giant mountains to overcome are awe inspiring, but have you looked at washing the dishes?

I love when Matt Kahn says (in reference to washing dishes) ‘The Lord is cleaning the Lord off the Lord. Making it all Lordy.’ If you are able to believe the concept that God is everything, that would include you. It would include the dishes, and the dirtiness of the dish. (Matt Kahn is funny.)

It is using an everyday task, and learning a lesson. You can continue playing mobile games, or washing the dishes any way you want. Yet, when you can find deep life lessons in such simple tasks, perhaps Headline New isn’t needed in your life, or at least you’d need less of it.

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