Spiritual Crazy Town

I finally re-watched the last Matt Kahn video. I didn’t pay enough attention to it before. In a way I have been doing the opposite of what he advised. I have been going deeper into ‘Spiritual Crazy Town’ rather then being relaxed. My goal has been finding new wonderful people to listen to. I have learned about new things like Light Language and Art. In a way Light Language reminds me of the old concept of speaking in tongues. A lot of these things that appear so fresh and new, have a long deep history.

Problems, which listening to Matt Kahn enabled me to overcome, have re-arisen. I will admit that my entire acceptance of mainstream religions, is based on some of Matt Kahn’s teachings. Before that I was bitter, and judgmental of mainstream religion.

I think I have resistance to this latest video form Matt Kahn (below), because I had never completely visited Spiritual Crazy Town. Or at least the kind he describes. I have visited the Christian version of Spiritual Crazy Town (yes there is one), but not the New Age. He will talk about how certain New Age views don’t work, and I never really tired them out.

In a way attaching this blog to Facebook was the opposite of his teachings too. He teaches not to preach about your beliefs, but to be such a good person that people ask you, “What makes you tick.” I sense it has created a barrier between certain religious friends, and me. Before I was so quiet no one had any idea who I was. Now my New Age self shows up, and I risk being defined as someone in ‘Spiritual Crazy Town.’

I know I do not fit well into some of my friends feeds. I see posts saying homosexuality is a sin, and I want to post a cleaver comment against it. Yet, what good does that ever do. I post to Facebook, but hardly ever use it. When I do, I almost always find something that shows how different I am from so many Facebook Friends. It really shows a lot about where I grew up, and how little I felt a part of that place. I have always felt an outsider.

Spiritual Crazy Town is made up of people who felt like a outsider growing up. That is why I am drawn to it. I feel less alone. I personally do not see them as crazy, but know they can be misconceived as such.


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