Energetic Link Between Mother & Child

I doubt I will ever have children, but to all you Mothers out there. You might like this.

Encounters of a Star Girl

As a Mother, I have learned so much on my spiritual journey through the experience of carrying my child within my womb. As I began to awaken to a more spiritual way of living, the biggest part of my awakening process was becoming a mother. Now as I look back I see that my child did in fact help me by activating my DNA and helping to heal me on a cellular level. Before becoming pregnant with my child, I was living a very toxic and unhealthy lifestyle. I was into drugs and was very self indulgent, I drank monster energy drinks and ate mcdonalds, I chain smoked cigarettes. I was in a very low place, I had struggled with infertility (Go figure! with my lifestyle choices) and all I wanted was a baby to nurture and care for. Little did I know how much that was going to change…

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