Worry does not make the garden grow

The weather has been nice today despite the rain. I have had little effort needed for my garden. The rain has been doing all the watering for me. Just a reminder that all our gardens are being well tended and know very well how to take care of themselves. You do not instruct the flower how to grow, it just grows. The effort is mainly in the beginning, with the seed planting. Yet, after a while the effort is in the waiting. How nice it would be to plant a seed one day, and harvest the tomato the next. Yet, a plant needs time to be a plant. Each stage of the plant is beautiful. From that little seedling that pops up, to the flower before the fruit. Yet it seems all of nature is designed to take care of your garden for you. You do not do the job of the bees, or wind. The sun shines without your effort. All you are asked for is water, when the time is right. Yet, half the time the rain will take care of that2treesinsun for you. The weeds, if you know how to use them, can be nutritional in their own way. I pulled a weed, and didn’t manage to get the root. Only to discover it had the scent of mint. I plan on letting that one grow.

I am saying all this because life is like a garden. A majority of things happen naturally without instruction. Worry does not
make a flower grow any faster. If instead you took on the properties of the plant itself, you would be much happier. A plant can grow anywhere there is good soil, and even places where there is not. Yet, the plant does not worry about the rain, and look how many beautiful trees are growing around you. Each tree put only effort into growth, and let everything else come as it may. Look how many trees have survived this way hundreds of years. So focus less on what comes with the seasons and instead more on how you have grown today.

If this does not sound like me, it isn’t completely. I asked Archangel Raphael for help writing, and this is the result. It was a joint effort. If you are scientifically minded you could say this is what Elisabeth would write if she believed herself guided by an Archangel of Healing.

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