Did a little research (on product idea)


Today I set off to do some research on whether there are computer screens that fit my last post. I ran across this article:

This article suggests Flux, but has an even better idea. Sunglasses that block out Blue-light. Using them can help with even the effects of light bulbs.

This product might hurt the sales of the product I was describing in the last post, so proceed with caution.

And with these Sunglasses, normally used for driving, I should be able to be on the computer late at night. So my days of limited posting, are limited to Amazon Free Shipping.

I would start wearing these glasses much earlier in the day then I was shutting off my computer.


I know I just wanted a sleeping pill, but my family seems to be against them. So I am going to try the natural route first. Perhaps it will work? If I can conquer falling asleep without a sleeping pill, I think I am on the road to well-being. Now I need to clean, and exercise.

See you,

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