Might not post as often (good idea for product)

I am going to be trying to fix my sleep by exercise and turning off my computer at 10:30. This means that I might not post as often for a while. I will be forced to read books before bed instead.

The product I would enjoy is a special computer screen for nighttime. Does one exist? I am not just taking about Flex (which has limited success), but one like the old Kindles that where black and white screens. The background was more of a grey then a white. They gave off little light so it didn’t have the effects that computer screens have on sleep.

If there was one of these that you could connect to a keyboard and write on… And transfer the text to a computer in the day, then I wouldn’t be stuck to printed books. Plus, Writers could write late into the night and not worry about the light from computers.

I think this is a good product idea. I do not have the resources to produce it, but much of the technology is already created. If it could post to blogs, and allow people to read blogs, that would be better.


P.S. Now that I am home, and no longer writing from my phone, I will describe the type of screen I am talking about. I called it an old version Kindle, but I have never seen a Kindle. I am remembering the first digital book reader I ever saw. The base of the screen was grey, but not made grey by light. So unlike the grey of a computer screen, which actually shines light into the eyes, it was more like a page of a book. A page of a book reflects light, but does not give off light.

Onto this grey background black appeared to create text. So the screen would need the ability to turn any of the grey to black. Creating a screen that can do with with minimal light is essential. Think of mimicking the page of a book as much as possible. The book in no way creates light, but the black ink absorbs it, while the page reflects natural light.

I am being repetitive in describing this. Now I will liken the black ink to an actual black substance that appears on the screen. Some children’s toys are like a screen that turns areas to black when a magnet is placed on parts of it. You can erase this black, and it returns to the (whatever color) background. If you could mimic this ability without using a magnet, you are on the way to creating the kind of screen I am envisioning.

With research you could advance from grey and black into colors. The point is to get the colors on the screen with little use of light, and lots of use of ink (substance). Yet, this will take more research. If you can do this, it could create a alternative to light based computer screens.

I am going into detail, because I want an inventor to synchronistically come across this post, and be inspired. I dream of seeing this product in the future. I wonder what tags would increase the ease of synchronicity?

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