Reincarnation of Mayan people, and dangers faced by high vibrational souls

While I was watching this interview my mind wandered a little bit. I begin to wonder how many people, who were in past lives Mayan, choose to reincarnate at this time. I can imagine ancient Mayans looking at their calendar and thinking, “I’d love to see the new calendar begin. What a magical time that will be.” Perhaps many souls that were advanced beyond human life, came back just to be alive at this time.

All these high vibrational souls, being on the Earth at one time, is raising the world’s vibration.

I worry about the fate of the highest vibrational souls. I believe that the world governments capture, drug, or destroy them. The government fears the influence these souls have, and deals with them according to their vibration level. Am I crazy to think that the government would do this?


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