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Inspiration Block

This isn’t about writing or art’s block. It is related though. Before I was very into the New Age, but I started to question it. I guess society’s stereotypes of the New Age began to influence me. I read scientific arguments against New Age beliefs, and began to […]


It is quiet enough at the library to afford a little writing. I do not know for how long I will be writing everyday, and might not post what I write. I picked up a Dreamcatcher last week. A new store opened up in town with crafts made […]

Aura Video Station Results

Today I visited a New Age store that I haven’t seen in a while. I noticed that there was an Aura Machine. I remembered how I tried an Aura Machine before, and came out as a Blue-Indigo. I wanted to compare results, and see if I particularly believed […]

Doubts I have about the New Age

If you read my blog, you will know I am drawn to the metaphysical. It has always fascinated me. Yet, sometimes I stop and wonder, am I just reading about the creation of a new religion. I begin to wonder if the source┬áis objective, or just greatly influenced […]

Old Souls

First off, I must say how wonderful it is to be able to follow the old ways. Too many lifetimes has our religion been decided by fear. Yet today, if I wanted to, I could practice Witchcraft without being burned. Sadly, there are still many in this world […]