Decisions: Traditional or Unique Path

Even after watching Teal Scotts video, “Feeling Lost and Ten Steps to Becoming Found,” it is hard to put faith into the Unique path over the Traditional one. I had been thinking of becoming a Librarian, but had a pit in my stomach that this was wrong. My childhood dream was to be a writer, so I looked into teaching myself writing, but soon was discouraged on this path. Writing wasn’t turning out to be what I had imagined. There is so much need for confidence in one’s writing, and I faced other challenges. So I decided that maybe what I needed was a different kind of writing. Perhaps I could conquer Blog writing instead.

Yet, I had been Blogging for a long time, and never created a success. This Blog, Intuitive Voyage, is the closest I have ever come. If I were to pursue Blogging instead of Librarianship or Fiction, I would need to make money off of it. I recognize that I am still far away from this goal. Plus, I see that making money off a of Metaphysical Blog as a difficult thing to do. I have noticed that many such Blogs include Tarot Readings, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive Readings, and any other side services. Yet, I do not want to take other people’s life choices into my amateur hands. I cannot offer these services.

Many months ago, I got an Angel Card Reading done. The Psychic was certified in Doreen Virtue’s cards, but I was still uncertain about how much faith I should put on the reading. The reading only cost $20, so I felt like supporting her despite my doubts. The Psychic had just finished emailing a Librarian before reading my request for a reading on whether I should pursue Information Sciences. She took this as a huge sign that the Angels were in support of it. I was told the Angels were in support of me becoming a Librarian.

Despite not having total confidence in the reading, it confused me. I expected the Angels not to support it because it wasn’t pursuing my dream. Is there something that I am missing in the equation?

So I have been thinking about pursuing both my Blog and a degree in Information Sciences (Librarianship). I would have less time to devote to my Blog, but would have slightly more stability. It would be only slightly more stability, because there is no guarantee of employment, and I might end up with huge college loans instead.

The Paths are before me. Do I put faith into Manifestation, and whole heartedly pursue my childhood dream (even if I have never understood why it was my dream)? Or does my dream become more like my hobby, that I pursue outside of work?

As for what the Angels want me to do… I have no idea.

The picture below looks pretty random, but it has Angel feathers, so it is an Angel. I didn’t know what I was drawing until just now.


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