A written quest

In case you are wondering this time I am listening to music as I write. Do you want to listen along with me?

In the past I have listened to this video while attempting shamanic quests, to activate my imagination and to calm emotions. I find it long enough that I do not have to worry about it running out.

So today I am listening to this while writing because anything with words would be distracting. I can create digital art while listening to talk radio, but for writing I think it better to either have no words or words in a language not known.

I am not sure how far I will get in writing as I am waiting for a call. At any moment I might have to stop. Do not worry, I have trained myself for interruptions.

Right about now I am settling into the slow pace of the drums. What shall arise to be spoken about today. For today, I think I will avoid the topic of politics even if moments after I started writing a sister texted a political message.

Quest begins:

Envision yourself at the base of a tree. You have the choice, do you go up with the branches or to you follow the roots into the earth. The raven calls your attention. You try to climb up to it, but each time you get close the raven flies higher in the tree. The tree is an old white oak with a thick trunk and branches that seem to reach to the stars. As you climb up you start hopping with quick speed unafraid of falling. Still the raven pulls you higher.

The raven is now at the top of the tall tree and it flies into the sky. You jump after it and land on a cloud. Chasing the raven you climb up the soft clouds. Higher and higher until the raven lands on the moon. You jump to the moon as the raven flies into the stars. Quickly you jump from star to star until you reach the raven and see it is larger than you. It allows you to climb on its back and you fly into the sky realms.

The raven flies over the gardens of light and the cities of spirit. It takes your to the marble steps a library where you are greeted by a being of light. It is vaguely in the shape of a human, but blurry enough that details are hard too discern. “What knowledge do you seek?” asks the light being as the raven becomes normal sized and rests on your shoulder.

“I seek not knowledge, but experience,” you answer.

“In this library are the books that hold all the experiences in the Universe. Every feeling that has ever been felt. Every thread sewn into the tapestry of life. Experience is everywhere, reading of words, in the thinking of thoughts, in the taking of action.”

You exist, there is nothing you can do to change that.

-First Universal Law: Bashar

“The true library of experience is the one who experiences the one experiencing. The still self behind the observer. You have journeyed up when you could have journeyed within. You have danced from scene to scene and life to life seeking ever outward.”

“Perhaps the answer you seek is not without but in the stillness of the self that watches without condition. You can access any dimension in the Universe and travel endlessly while never discovering HOME. Or you can carry home inside of you without even needing to take a step. Yes…”

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

“So you have been swept up. In life. In story. In imagination. Experience is all around you. You can find it in any corner of the Universe. So I ask why you seek this experience of the library. You are here now, you have traveled far.”

“I followed the raven, not knowing where I was going. There must be something here for me,” you answer.

“There are a great many things here for you, but this catalog is too vast for the one without question. The quest-ion leads the quest. If you are here you must have a question, for I dare say you will find plenty of experience back on the ground.”

(Dear Reader, if you feel the drums have put you in a deep enough state. Ask now this light being your question. Listen deep within or the answer. Do not continue reading until you are ready for the drums to call you back.)

You hear the signal that it is time to return to the Earth realm with your information. The raven grows again in size and you climb on its back. You fly back over the realms that have colors the human eye cannot see. The peaceful villages of those in spirit. The castles of old that are no longer on Earth. The temples of ancient history in full glory that on Earth stand in ruins, if at all. The happy hunting grounds where the Native People still live as in the time before Columbus.

The raven carries you through the stars back to the moon. You jump from the moon into the cotton clouds and back to the tree, which you climb down with ease. Your feet hit the ground and you wonder what would have happened if you had followed the roots.

All journeys for another day.

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