Update and discussion of ‘First Universal Law’

I have concluded it is too hard for me to focus on the things around me while listening to Mooji, I do very much resonate with him and am from time to time tempted to go watch more. I realized recently that Mooji is talking about the first law. Darryl Anka, channeling Bashar, said there are five unchanging laws in All That Is.

First Universal Law

“You exist…you always have and you always will. You are eternal.”

Second Universal Law

“Everything is here and now.”

Third Universal Law

“The One is the All and the All is the One.”

Fourth Universal Law

“What you put out is what you get back.”

Fifth Universal Law

“Everything changes except for the first four laws.”

Now there are other laws that exist only in this temporal reality, if you don’t particularly want to go to the spirit realm. Yet, these Five Universal Laws apply just as much to the spirit realm as the temporal or any other realm you might discover.

I have no particular difficulty grasping the first, second, and fifth law. At times I can conceptualize the third law, but I have not viscerally experienced it. Still haven’t had that mystical experience seeing everything is connected. I can be very empathic, don’t get me wrong.

As for the fourth law, I gage that as being a bit like like Law of Attraction which I have studied and debated about in my mind for years.

I have to say that the day after listening to Mooji for hours on end, I was hardly productive. I ended up sitting on the balcony staring at the trees and listening to the birds for hours without doing anything else. Every now and then I would get the feeling it was time to get up, but I’ve been listening to Matt Kahn for years. Matt Kahn once said when you are meditating and get the feeling you have had enough, that is when you really should continue.

The feeling of meditation continued as I swept the floors and cleaned up that day, yet I was so caught up in listening to Mooji and using the Self-identifying process that I was not as productive as I had intended to be this last week. Not that my productivity rate usually matches my intentions even without being caught up in the joy of meditation.

Usually meditation is not something I am called to do. Much less meditating for hours and enjoying it throughly. I am more often called to write than meditate.

I am debating watching more Mooji now that I have returned to the level of ego self, but I am not sure how others would react to a person who just sits around blissfully on the balcony most of the day. There is joy on the level of existence that is the ego self as well. I didn’t post on Instagram all week because suddenly it didn’t matter anymore.

I start Self-identifying at random moments, I can feel myself doing it from time to time when I am half asleep. Mooji certainly helped me understand ‘A Course in Miracles’ better.

As for my family, I wonder if they have been worried at my changed attitude, there was a family zoom call at the beginning of the week and I barely said a thing. I didn’t respond to as many text messages or Instagram.

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