Dollar Tree

You have found an Abundance that certain billionaires lack. For some hoard money and possessions never feeling the wealth of what they have. It is often those who can feel the joy of Dollar Tree that can access the true levels of lives Abundance. Shopping in thrift stores taught me a great deal, as there suddenly were things I would have loved as a child, all so cheap. You really mean I can get this green teapot for under $5 and it is 50% off day? (I still have that teapot, it is a good one.) Funny the little things I have held onto throughout the years. I bought that teapot over 10 years ago. It is one of the few things I still have from that long ago.

Last time I was in a semi-thrift store, I got a Columbia Coat that will work wonderfully once the weather is warmer but still cool. It was warm today, but I was sick and watching a sick young one. So I did not get to enjoy the warmth as much as I would have liked.

It was a Semi-thrift store because it was one where they only sell good condition used clothes. A little more costly, but the coat was in the clearance area.

The Spirit Garden

I am a fan of Dollar Tree.  Today I got some faux flowers (lavender), some poster tack, a small framed hydrangea picture that looks like a watercolor painting, and a Virgin of Guadalupe candle (as a backup for the one I have now).  Yesterday I got a cute little potted faux succulent.  I would prefer a real succulent, but my past experience with them has led me to believe they are gnat attracting wastes of money when in my care.  This one does look quite real though.


I also recently got a little clear glass jar there that kind of reminds me of a cauldron.  I got black sand to go inside of it.  Unfortunately the sand seems to be dyed instead of naturally black.  The smell revealed it to be so.  The idea with the sand was to keep the glass from getting scratched if I place any crystals in the…

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