TEA! Can you​ aid me in my weight loss?

While some of these teas might be hard to get one’s hands on in less Urban Area of America, mainly anywhere with no Asian Stores to shop at. Some of these 6 teas are easy to make from supplies you can get at any store, or online.

I noted the information about honey and how it helps burn fat. I am sure she is not talking about too much honey at once, as this is high in sugar. Honey is my favorite sweetener. I try to get local honey so my immune system is used to the plants in my area.

I came to the realization that my seasonal allergies were connected with my high liver enzymes. Taking Turmeric which has many good health benefits, and can be made into a tea as well, has almost completely eliminated my seasonal allergies. This spice aids the immune system and can help with allergies.

Turmeric is known to help with the autoimmune disease that is the root cause of arthritis. I know some Doctors warn against supplements, but the reason people take them is some of them do work. I wish the Doctors would start demanding that safely processed versions of supplements that have been shown to help be made available. Right now by not recommending supplements because they might be poorly made with other chemicals added in, they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Nature has given us many supplements that can aid us like Turmeric or Fish Oil. If Turmeric can help with one autoimmune disease (arthritis) it might be able to aid with others, such as the two I have. One which attacks my thyroid giving me Hypothyroidism and another which attacks my Liver.

I am not telling you to take every supplement the Internet advises, this can indeed lead to Liver failure. The fact that Doctors do not help us with deciding which supplements are helpful and call all supplements Dangerous is what really lead to that Liver failure.

It takes a wise person to navigate the Internet safely when it comes to health issues. If I had not found a understand Doctor who was willing to listen and point out which supplements in the long list I had found would be beneficial. I would have been forced to take whatever supplement I judged right. This might have indeed lead to liver failure because there are a lot of supplements on the market for the Liver.

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