Crazy Dreams

Last night was a rough one. I kept on waking up about every hour, and then having trouble falling back to sleep. This would have been nothing other then tiring if it were not for the crazy dreams. At points when I woke up I wondered if I had actually been sleeping or just hallucinating for an hour. (I had been sleeping).

Once during a strange dream I wondered if I needed to go to the bathroom. I woke myself up to use the bathroom. Yet awake, everything was so weird. I wondered, “Am I still asleep, and dreaming that I got up? Did I just wet my bed?” I checked a towel to make sure I could feel it. Luckily I was awake. Still I felt strange. For example when I washed my hands, I would think Wash Hands, and my hands would go through the motions without me really putting much effort into moving.

I went back to sleep, and woke up thinking Crazy #$$*# Dream. I normally have good language even when just thinking, but this dream deserved bad language.

So I got up and got ready for work. Thinking about the night, I forgot to put on make-up. I picked up food to eat, but as I was talking to people my eyes felt like they looked sad. Not that my eyes were watery, but a sadness was in my face. It stayed with me throughout the day. I am very sleepy, and hope that I have a normal, restful night.

That final drop off of Zyprexa appears to be a hard one for me. Yet, I did sleep last night, and that is what matters. If I start being unable to sleep, then I run into problems.

Today, I was so light headed. I did not do well at work. No big mistakes, but there were some books I could have shelved. It is not required for me to shelve them, but normally I do. I must have looked so lazy. We all need our lazy days.

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