To follow bliss without logic?


I got it in my head that I wanted a iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The logical thing to do would be to save money until I can buy said iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. However, I am on disability, and working Part-time. It is going to take a long time to save up money. The tax refund normally gives me a period of abundance. A time when I can suddenly afford all the readings I’ve been wanting, and the crystals etc…

Yet, by putting aside all that money, and, tightening the belt even further by attempting to save more money, instead of feeling abundance I am running low on essentials like fruit. I am overall eating less too. Having no good food around to eat breakfast, and nothing for lunch… I didn’t eat until 6pm yesterday. Perhaps having my system on empty for so many hours is what made me want to sleep as soon as I got food in my system.

In the pressure to not spending money to discover if Bashar was worth investing in, I browsed free clips of him on Youtube, knowing full well he did not give permission for these clips to be put up. In the end I had to level that Karma by buying one of Bashar’s videos.

Yet, this makes it so that in order to reach my intended amount saved by the end of the month, I must spend more time at home instead of enjoying going Downtown.

On my tight budget, I should go home after work, and eat leftovers from last night. As I only have $5 left to spend for the day (Had to get coffee for tiredness.) Yet, I want to go eat food and coffee after work.

Similarly I want to get a reading from a talented channeler running a special.

Following my bless, would mean that I would both get the session, and go Downtown. Yet, it is also following my bless to prove to myself I can save up money for the iPad Pro. Logically, one gets an iPad Pro by saving up money. Yet, Bashar might have suggested doing otherwise in one of the clips I saw.

Yet, decreasing spending is only one way to save money. An increase in income could be another source. Perhaps by going out I will discover the perfect place to get another Part time Job. Perhaps I will actually win one of the sweepstakes for an iPad Pro (or cash) I entered.

Imagine spending a whole month saving for something, with many months of saving ahead of you, and you magically win the Sweepstakes where you get it for free (plus taxes). I have a habit of entering Sweepstakes, but I also have a habit of not winning them. Yet, that can change in an instant. So I keep on randomly feeling called to face the concept of having what I desire, by entering Sweepstakes for what I desire.

So what if I follow the counter-intuitive task of getting an iPad Pro without limiting my budget at all. What if I just follow my bliss? If I feel called to get a reading, I get a reading. If I want to go to eat after work, and then to a coffee shop to get tea. I will do so.

For unknown reasons I am feeling called to something with the word co-op in it. Perhaps there is a job at the food co-op where I will be able to get a discount if I work there. (So good food.) Perhaps I will find myself living at a co-op.

I just shopped at a co-op and thought it would be nice to work at one, and then I found a listing on Craigslist for co-op living… I do not know which of these forms of co-op I am drawn to, but I am going to be putting in an application at the local co-op soon.

On a side note, Blissing and Blessing are only one letter apart.

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