First Day of Real Snow?



Living in Michigan where snow is sometimes just starting to fall on Halloween, it is almost Thanksgiving and we are just now gets our first flurries. The warmth of Summer has been hanging on. While the channeler Kryon, I think that was the one, did say that the weather would start getting more mild with cooler summers and warmer winters. I have not listened to Kryon in a while, but want to hear his latest audio once it is put up.

I had not pulled out my Pendulum in a while, yet called on Angelic protection as I used it yesterday. I had a number of topics building up to be asked. Worry about Trump and other topics of life were on my mind.

I will not go into the list of ‘Yes’ and ‘No,’ because some of them seemed so amazing that part of me questions if the Pendulum was just trying to comfort me in the moment.

Oh, it is really snowing now and getting colder quite quickly. Just yesterday it was so warm that the doors to a local coffee shop were wide open. While Winter is not my favorite time, I have to admit that I prefer Winter to how big the Insects would become if there was no Winter. I say, what we need is one or two deep chills to get the ticks living on the deer. After that I would be totally fine with warmer winters. Winters with just the right amount of snow, not so cold that you want to hide indoors.

Now if we could discover a cure for Lyme Disease, I would be more likely to give up even the one or two deep chills.

Last night I forgot that I had not taken my nighttime medication and therefore had to meditate myself to sleep. I woke up from a weird dream at 5am and knew from the feeling in my head that I might very well have forgotten. Usually the realization dawns on me earlier.

In short, I did a very LONG “I Love You” meditation to every character or concern that popped in my head. I ended up repeating “I Love You” quite a bit in my dream too.

The “I Love You” meditation is a bit like a prayer or a spell. It is brought on when something is troubling me. I had had a long talk with my sister about the Trump topic and, while I was back into my own energy, her worry had impact on me. It was high time that I send blessings to the whole situation.

So the trouble sleeping was a blessing. I met with various E.T.’s in my dream. A cold wind be a-brew’n outside.

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