Seems my focus is lost right now. My base activities of getting lost in the web, are drowning with talk of the election. Talk of riots. Talk of Conspiracy Theories. Everywhere seems to be on overdrive. Sigh. Is this tension I feel my own, or that of the world around me. We have collectively seemed to go off the deep end into fear.

Buzzfeed is filled with posts about Trump taking away this or that right. Politics seems to be on everyone’s mind.

If I would give a name for the state of mind of the collective. We seem currently to be in a Paranoid Mania.

What do you do when society seems to be ill?

What do you do when people start being drawn into the News narrative of anger and fear?

We are a strong people. If Trump ends up taking away rights, we will not be silent.

Yet, he isn’t even in office yet. He has not started day one. We do not know if he will remain true to his promises to helping the Middle Class, or if he will be our worse fears united.

I would say that he would not be able to go far and would quickly turn into a lame duck if he tried.


Foruming has not been fun lately. People are getting too stuck in arguments everywhere. I try to put on a face like I am above this and unaffected.

America voted for change, and that is what we are getting. Change is coming at a fast pace. I do not know what will come of this, yet I am not ready to take to the streets in riots just yet. The effectiveness of riots is actually quite limited. Focusing on anger instead of using anger to transform that which has upset you.

I know a lot of Spiritual sayings. I have a slow, but sharp wit. I can repeat what others say about the energy of the 11-11 gateway. Yet, that doesn’t really translate into a clear understanding.

I am unsure how to comfort the collective.

I tried sending out blessings. I tried focusing on other things. Yet, society is upset.

I respect that society’s fear. I will not tell it that everything will be okay, when I do not know the future any more than anyone else.

I am not really that psychic. I do not channel in a proper way. I just write. I am with this with you and as clueless as you. Yet, I choose HOPE. There is no losing this game.

If you feel the need to get into fights on the Internet. Gosh, I’ve done my fair share of that. As much as I focus on Blessings and Acceptance. There is always a Troll waiting to be fed. Feed the Trolls if you must. You might get your hand bitten in the process.

I am not here to tell you what to do. I am not any more intelligent than you. You have the intelligence to navigate your life with a skill level that is immense.

I put on the Guru hat sometimes and pretend I have access to hidden stores of knowledge. I have no access to anything you do not as well.

So I will stand with you and offer you the utmost respect. I will honor your feelings. I will not assume I am better, or more Loving, or more accepting.

We are each the full spectrum of humanity. We hold the keys to every mask in the box of Pandora.

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  1. I have only looked on Facebook once in the past 48 hours or so. I was tagged. When I clicked I saw it was something about overthrowing the electoral college to make sure Hillary becomes president. Johnson couldn’t even get in the debates with a petition (and he had enough signatures). I doubt a petition is going to change the results of an election. Furthermore, I found it annoying for somebody to presume they knew which candidate I supported. I am continuing to keep that to myself for the sake of peace. I will continue to avoid Facebook and the news for the most part for at least 5 more days. I was soaking up the negativity (like perhaps you are), and I need a break from that. I don’t aim to be oblivious, just not overloaded. This election business has been like a trainwreck, and I don’t need to stare at every detail to know it ain’t pretty.

    • I am at a coffee shop. My brain is tired today from missing my morning medication yesterday. It was hard to get up to work. I think I am empathing the energy of those around me. Due to tiredness I am not the most articulate, but I tired to post anyway.

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