What I am drinking


This is based on this recipe, variations I have made.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

First off, my Blender is missing a key part, that will be delivered any day now. So I had to take this recipe and modify it.

So to make this recipe without a Blender.

Take one banana and mash with a fork until it is very soft in a bowl. To further soften, I have noticed adding a little honey seems to help the banana turn into a smoother consistency. Not too much honey as the banana is already sweet and it is the sweetness of the recipe.

Next, add Pumpkin Puree and mix with banana mixture.

Add the spices listed as in Cinnamon/Ground Ginger. You do not have to get the measurements exact. More Cinnamon then the Ginger. Also if you have Nutmeg you can add a pinch.

Mix spices into banana pumpkin puree mixture.

Next, add yogurt until you like the texture when you taste it. I recommend a Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt to be extra filling. Many studies say Whole milk is better for you than LowFat.

Now you have a choice, one is to simply eat the yogurt mixture as a new flavor of yogurt. Choice two is to get a tall enough cup to hold the mixture.

If you choose number 2, you use a spatula to carefully guide the mixture into the cup. Add a little milk and stir with the spatula.

If the drink is not cold enough add ice (if you can fit it into the cup.)

Since I have started making this mixture I have been drinking it every night. It is very filling and as I had a big lunch today, it is replacing my Dinner.

I, however, cannot wait till my missing blender part arrives so that I can try the recipe as it was made to be.

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