Are You Playing The Waiting Game?

This was written two years ago… being newer to the New Age, I wonder what has changed? Two years ago was the R.V. about to happen, and NESARA around the corner? Matt Kahn thinks a lot of Channeled information is metaphorical. Angel Academy 4. Perhaps this is a stage we all need to go through. I had the sense that Channeling can be metaphorical too. I just didn’t want to outright admit it to others… some are really depending on these changes. Best to forget about all this and think about how you have changed as the indicator the world will change. Change is Natural.

Deus Nexus


DEUS NEXUS: I share in the frustration passionately captured in the post below from TRANSFORMATION IS COMING.  And of course, I have my own doubts about the nature of this waiting. There is no point denying the validity of our collective frustration. There is no point berating it, hiding it in a closet, claiming it’s not of the Light. Perhaps this emotion of impatience is our soul telling us something needs to be done.  True change must begin within, only then will it manifest externally.  The post below makes a strong case for transforming the perspective of light workers and freedom fighters.


Carrot Danglers

Reposted from: TRANSFORMATION IS COMING | by Berlin

I am sure there are many of you that have heard or follow the RV, Global Reset, Ascension and Galactic information. Maybe you used to or still do. Either way what is it with these Carrot…

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