After Months of not Channeling… Here is Michael

Rest and worry not. Humanity has been making great strides of late. We will let the surprises unfold, as we have no plans on spoiling the joy of miracles unfolding. The time now is to be at peace. Let Love radiate from you like an ocean. Be in Love and Fear not. Do not focus on the details of how the World will transform. Be in the moment… rest. Hear the sound of the world around you. Perhaps others too have an open window, as the wind gently flows. Perhaps others also hear the quicker wind of the cars passing. Whatever you hear, whether it be a ringing in your ears, or yelling neighbors, discover how wonderful it is to be able to hear.

I do not sense any reading this in the future, who do not have the gift of hearing on a deep level. For even those who have never had the blessing of a single audible sound, have hearing within them.

Yes, a moment of rest. A time to read slowly, and breathe deeply. You are a blessed being. Do not focus on the R.V. as your only salvation. So many are understandably inpatient. For you have been promised change in the Now, or by the end of the Month, or end of the year. You have hoped with your flame of hope burning in your heart. It is such a beautiful message, about the R.V. The hope that not only your world will transform, but those of the world around you.

Feel deeply. Do you not already feel different? Even if I will reveal how the changes will come into your life, I assure you, the moment now feels different from any moment you have known. You might not yet see it in the news, but you feel the difference in the air. Change is a natural force. For a while, humanity was sick with negativity. Yet, this long-lived illness, like most illnesses, can be naturally cleared from your system.

At a certain point you feel better. This is a channeling that will be discovered by those who are at a turning point in their lives. It does not matter the date it was written, or even if you understand what the R.V. means.

I can safely say, that you have overcome the worst of your illness. Find in the Now, comfort and joy. Trust the hands you are in, who care for you as if those hands are holding themselves, will continue to care for you till the illness is past. Together we will celebrate the triumph that is your life.

Know now and forever, that no illness came upon humanity excluding what it allowed. It needed an outside manifestation of the pain it felt within. So that instead of having feelings hidden deep inside, the world was your mirror. Know that by overcoming a great majority of the pain inside, you have been allowed to read this message this far. As you naturally recover, ever more becoming happier, you will see that the mirror changes when the moment is perfect.

Until that moment treat yourself as kindly as you would a child with the flu. Who has just gotten out of bed, and been able to eat. What does that child need to feel better? You can offer it to yourself; you do not need others to give it to you. If your mind is blank to answer that question, I suggest a walk, a bath, something that lets you know this is a moment to slowly enjoy.


I thank Lisa for Channeling me today. She doesn’t like giving over her voice to others, so I allowed her to work with me making suggestions. So while this is a message from Michael, I was listening to the Channeler’s input all the while. She has been avoiding Channeling because she doesn’t like hiding behind another name. So if she allows more Channeling in the future, we will make a point to let it be a joint effort.

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