Reading ‘It Rings True’ Along with Link to Ron’s Drawing


‘It Rings True’ is the channeled messages of Ron Head in book format. It is for sale on Amazon. And if you currently head over to his wordpress site, Oracles and Healers, you will find he is running a contest for people who have brought the book. Contest Link Here.

Here I go again, entering a drawing and then ruining my chances by announcing it to the world. Last time I didn’t hurt my chances too much… that I know of.

Anyway, I was reading his book and came across a quote that I’d like to share. This is because we are on the same page in this quote, but he channeled it far better then I ever described.

As you see or hear of things which appear less than desirable, along with the choice to perhaps cease listening or watching these things, say, “I do not accept this. I do not concur with this. I do not choose this for my world. I do not agree.” In other words, make a choice. You have that power. You have that power. You have that power. Exercise your right to choose.

Head, Ron (2016-02-09). It Rings True: Guidance from The Council (p. 37). Ronald Head. Kindle Edition.

You will have to buy the book to get the rest of the channeling on the topic.

As I read this channeled information I was reminded of watching the latest Star Wars Movie. *Small Spoiler need to explain better.* Near the beginning of the movie when the new version of the Death Star was destroying planets, I was hit with emotion. Here the public was being taught that for the sake of the hero’s story whole planets must be destroyed. I didn’t want to live in a world where catastrophe is used to push the story ahead.

Where those who stand up in support of the hero, are wiped out at the drop of a hat. That is not my timeline.

So as the scene went on in the theater… and I had been especially empathic in the theater. The opening previews nearly had me in tears as the emotions from those around me hit me. I am not normally an empath, as I am quite effective at blocking that ability… when the emotion of the death star scene hit me and the knowledge of what it was teaching viewers hit me, I mentally said, “I do not accept this. This is not the way it has to be. I do not accept this in my reality.” I mentally said this with quite a bit of passion.

Now that Ron Head has activated my memory, and lead me to try to explain the moment once again. Which it is hard to explain because most of the moment existed without wording. The only words that went on in my brain were, “I do not accept this.” I am wondering if my psychic ability had picked up on reading this in the future, or this is because we are both connected to the same source.

Anyway, ‘It Rings True’ is worth buying already by the time you reach page 37. It is Ron Head’s second book. I have only recently started following his site, so all the channeling are new to me.

I know some of my readers are channelers. Here is a chance to support a fellow channeler, and maybe be inspired to channel your own book.

By my standards of channeling, Ron is talented. In my Amazon review of him I said.

It Rings like a bird singing to announce the spring

I have a habit of reading Channeled information. The truth behind it is if it feels right. Does ‘It Ring True’ to your heart. It is hard to explain what makes a good Channeler beyond that. Those bits of wisdom that where you have a deep knowing this is right. Those moments where it activates hope like a bird singing on a winter day. Ron Head is one of the Channelers who is approved by my heart.

I am practicing for the day when I have more readers, and such shout outs can make a bigger difference. If any of my readers enjoy the book (many have wordpress site of their own) you can practice writing a review too. Someday we might all really be able to help a writer by reviewing them on our site.

Just an idea.

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