Holiday Images (I used or planned on using)


Above was an image I made before Christmas time. I was thinking of using it for Hanukkah, but was unsure what days in December the holiday lands. I forgot about the image, but now that I am trying to use images I forgot to use before here it is. I need to do some quick digital artwork soon, running low again. I always seem to be running low on images to post as I forget which ones I have already used.

Below are my Christmas Images.


It is almost the end of the first month in 2016. When I made this image seems both long ago, and just the other day. already used my Valentines Day image. I might have to re-use it for the Day I designed this image for, if I right a Valentines Day post.

I am not the biggest Valentines Day Fan. As I have not celebrated the holiday since elementary. (Forever Single and Proud), when I get the romance card in an oracle reading it upsets me. Especially if it is a marriage card. Even if I do get married one day, I do not want a wedding. I’d use the same money to go on one awesome Honeymoon. (Being the center of attention isn’t really my forte.) According to the cards, I should have had a boyfriend years ago.


Here is a preview of my Easter image… Which I made in December because am not the biggest Winter Fan, and was already dreaming of Spring.


I usually start designing an image for a Holiday Months before the Season. Here are my Thanksgiving images. You can see Months of improving skill between the one designed around Thanksgiving, and when I first decided to make an image for Thanksgiving.


Below is an image I made for Christmas in the middle of Summer… apparently I am also not the biggest Summer Fan and was dreaming of Winter.


Another quickly made tree that looks like a cookie.


My St. Patrick Day Image was used, but not on the right day.


I totally have no Halloween images! One would think that I would have drawn a pumpkin somewhere along the way. Here are some pictures to make up for my lack of that holiday.


Here’s to pointless posts, along with the deep ones.

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