Thank you readers,

A majority of my readers are American and will be hanging out with family. Even though Thanksgiving is known as the Family Disfunction Holiday, send love to everyone. If you can radiate Love, everyone will feel it.

It has been years since I have had my Family Fight on Thanksgiving, but I remember a sister who locked herself in her room and randomly refused to face the holiday. I think a brother did the same another year.

My family has matured with time. Where even those who used to get in long debates with each other as college students, now just keep quiet. I have some Family members who like to say controversial things. Sometimes it is a challenge to keep quiet.

I think it is good advice to be able to excuse yourself if things get too much. Say you need to use the Bathroom, or grab something from another room as a chance to lay down a short while.

That is advice given to me by someone who thought I was Bipolar. They thought Holidays would be too much for me, and send me into a Mania if mishandled. Yet, you don’t have to be ill to take good advice.

I think among all Holidays, Thanksgiving is the easiest to forget to enjoy. For there is lots of cleaning, and cooking. The amount of food needing cooking is stressful for anyone. Yet, first you have to clean for company. Afterwards you have the choice of cleaning right away, or putting more effort into dishes later.

This might be why so many enjoy Halloween more then Thanksgiving. When listing favorite Holidays I often hear Halloween, or Christmas from people.

I, for one, have already been thinking about Christmas gifts. I am staying small this year. The smaller in size, the easier it is to transport.

We need more Holidays. They don’t have to be Gift Holidays, but fun ones like Halloween. Unless we get Food printers, they should be designed to have easy foods.


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