Explaining my trademark goodbye, “Please, have a wonderful day”

Hello World,

Maybe a year ago, I read an article on Buzzfeed about analyzing what salutations at the end of emails really mean. It was a joke, but it presented me with a challenge. If simple traditional good-bye can be over-analyzed into meaning something else because they are overused, then how should I say good-bye in a letter.

In another article on Buzzfeed (I don’t remember the title to so cannot find), it analyzed “Have a nice day” as being bossy. Some people might feel this is an order, like saying Thanks at the end of an email asking for something. This article felt it was pushy to say thanks for something before waiting to hear if it was accepted.

So my trademark good-bye was created. Please, have a wonderful day. The ‘please’ takes away the pushiness of ordering a person to have a nice day, and the ‘wonderful’ gives a fresh twist on an over used phrase. Nice is so so, but wonderful is the kind of day you want to have.

I was thinking today about how empowering this simple statement is. Sometimes I say it at the end of customer service. I am pointing out that there is a choice in having a wonderful day. No matter what happens you decide how you see the day. You choose if the day is wonderful. So…


Please, have a wonderful day,


(Image for effect it is my current style of artwork… you might notice I have changed a bit from cute birds and fish to flowers… to this?)

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