Ways to make Music Videos extra Entertaining

Here is I trick I discovered from when I was so tired, I barely had the energy to do more then watch Music Videos. Again and Again on repeat, I’d create a story for the video in my mind. Music videos can be so abstract, that they are open to many different stories.

If this does not inspire you, there is another technique. Imagining showing this Music video to someone in a different time period, and asking what they thought of it. Say an upright Bishop of the Middle Ages watching this video:

The devils horns alone would nearly give them a nightmare. I imagined them dreaming this video clearly, and thinking a devil was trying to tempt them.

Or imagine one of the recent boy bands I posted, being shown to a young Roman child. Once they got over the fact that video is amazing, and unheard of, would they be able to fangirl/fanboy like all those teenage k-pop fans? Which would they pick as the best.

You could really get to tricking them. Consider a set up where a friend who knows the language (and is a good liar) explains to an Egyptian king that you are a powerful royal, and all these people in videos are trying to get you to marry them, so their country can gain your power. Only these countries don’t know if this royal, picking a suitor, is male or female, so they create videos for both genders. You show him different videos and the lies just build, then you ask him which of the Princes/Princesses in the videos he thinks you should pick to join with your powerful country by marrying you. He might very well say he will marry you (or offer a son/daughter), or pick out the one he feels is best potential to be King/Queen.

Who do you think an Egyptian king would pick out of the silly Just Right (by Got7) video I posted the other day?

If you didn’t see it, here is a funny dance practice of it.

So yesterday, I could have continued Spiritual Growth, but as I needed time to digest teachings, instead of adding to them in my free time, I watched Music Videos. Hence the renewal of posts about K-pop. As you can see, I can find ways to make even watching old videos interesting.

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