Sunny Side Up

egg_smileI settled down to listening to the free audio on Sounds True for the month of May. I had already listened to some Kryon, and True Divine Nature, and it was getting really late. I just didn’t want to go to bed yet, so I started a new audio, and started doing digital work. It seems that while I cannot focus on most work while listening to audio (which is the specialty of my eldest sister, she will do housework while listening to audio books), I can do light artwork. Not the kind that requires deep concentration, but light digital design.

I opened up a Illustrator documented, and envisioned what I wanted to create. A brief vision of sunshine, in beautiful layers entered my mind. Yet, this wasn’t the style of artwork that is good for Illustrator. I set out creating the basic shape of the sun, and then I decided to start with 2 simple layers of color, and add more detail later. Yet, as I looked at these two layers I saw an egg in it. So I decided to go with the cute little egg I saw in the image instead of the complex sun.

I am good at creating cute little images. When I was in High School I was told to illustrate children’s books, because all my doodles were cute little animals or things. I am not limited to simple and cute. I can create detailed fine art, but when I only had half a mind to do artwork (while listening to audio or teachers,) above was more like what I usually created.

It seems easier to not focus on my artistic block, when I am distracted. If I were to sit down to do some serious image, like the sunshine I originally saw in my mind, I might have trouble. I was a little surprised to be able to envision something before putting lines on paper. My old trick was to start with some light lines (that I can erase) and look at those lines until I see something inside them. Rarely do I have any idea what I am going to create when I start any artwork.

Its like that style of writing where you start talking about anything on your mind, and see what happens. If you only have a pen, you have to commit to the original light lines, but they tend to add character. Say I draw a curvy line, and see a fish. The line might become the unique backbone of the fish. I tended to draw fish, and birds often. I had goldfish growing up, and drew them then. I also had parakeets. My cat, however, wouldn’t hang around for me to draw.

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