A dream about Christmas and the Gift of a Baby Gorilla

It is a funny time of year to be having dreams about Christmas, but I guess it is still winter.

I dreamt that we invited our neighbor over to Christmas. Our neighbor gave us the gift a a baby gorilla. I immediately called Animal Control, because that baby was going to grow and grow. It would also poop everywhere. I was told that animal control was busy, so we would have to look after the gorilla a few days. My brother was upset with me for calling Animal Control, as he wanted to keep the gorilla.

Over the next few days I discovered that it was a wonderful baby. Plus, it wore diapers, so the mess was manageable. None-the-less Animal Control arrived and I had to say good-bye. I told Animal Control to give the gorilla to the local zoo.

We then discovered that a while ago, during the night, a baby gorilla had been stolen out of its Mother’s arms. The thief had tranquilized the Mother so there was no fight.

My brother was still upset with me. I told him that it was a horrible gift. Worse then giving a stranger a puppy, and there was no way that our parents would let us keep even a dog. Yet, in the dream my parents suddenly were fine with having a dog, and we had gotten one soon after getting the gorilla. This flabbergasted me, so I changed my argument to how big that baby gorilla was going to grow.

The meaning of this dream is beyond me.

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