Sky, the perfect guy (incomplete story and first draft)

I am trying the style of writing in Immediate Fiction. There are so many new writing ideas in the book. I am trying my best, but this is just a first draft. First drafts are meant to be horrible. I stopped in the middle of the action, and will continue. I just got the sudden urge to post. Originally, I planned on Sky being a nice guy, but since Ami was calling him perfect, I thought the logical thing to do was… well you will see.

So If you want to read the writings of a beginner (suddenly pictured the AKB48 song Beginner), I’d like to hear your feedback. (Constructive Criticism, please.) Ugg, I have so much to learn.

Sky, the perfect guy

A single laptop sat on a run down old mattress recently picked up from a Craigslist ‘free’ ad. Ami finally had guessed the password to a neighbors wireless, ‘Stanly.’ Stanly is such a boring name, not like Sky. Sky is perfect. Now to catch up on his blog posts. Ami’s cell-phone rang. I cannot ignore her forever.

Ami picked up the phone, “Hi Mom.”

“Ami, you have to come home. It’s crazy moving out to Oregon just to meet a blogger. He doesn’t even know who you are.”

“Love conquers all, Mom. I will meet him tomorrow.”

“You are being a stalker. Did you just give up on college? What about your life?”

“Mom, don’t call me until you have come to your senses. Following love only leads to happiness. I have things to do, Bye.”

Ami hang up, and turned back to her computer. He will finally see me. I have been on a raw diet for months. I am going to look so good.

Early the next morning Ami arrived at the store ‘Spiritual Nutrition.’ Ami had dramatic red lips to match a red heart dress that she had found on sale at Wal-Mart. For her big meeting she wanted Prada, or Gucci, but she couldn’t afford Internet already.

The inside of ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ smelled like a hundred kinds of incense. Tarot cards lined one wall, while the other side had Crystals under a case. Dream catchers hung from the celling. Ami walked in deeper looking for the meeting room. She looked past statues of Fairies, candles, and essential oils. Bookshelves were everywhere. What seemed like a hundred little statues of Buddha smiled at her, as she finally found a door with a poster of Sky next to it. The poster read, “Group healing, and Reiki master, Sky, talks about raising the world’s vibration.”

Inside the meeting room was Sky. He sat on one of the floor cushions that were spread out all across the room. His eyes were closed and he was quietly humming. He had shoulder length curly blond hair, and a body built of raw foods. Yet, next to him was an attractive female. She had an organic cotton dress, which seemed to match prints with Sky’s shirt. Also similar crystals hang around their necks.

Ami just stood there staring at the two. I just have to convince him, I am better.

“Excuse me, Sky,” said Ami.

Sky opened his brown eyes and looked at Ami.

“I am sorry to interrupt your meditation, but I wanted to talk to you before the event starts. I’m Ami, from Frankenmuth, Michigan. I decided to move to Eugene because of your posts on the spiritual vortexes in the area.”

The female next to Sky spoke, “Your lipstick doesn’t look like it is made from beets, such a commercial shade of red. Everything about you speaks of unenlightenment. You may seat and join in our meditation, but you are not ready to speak to Sky. Open your third eye first.”

“It is okay, Joy. The only way to become enlightened is to first be unenlightened,” said Sky.

“I am working on my enlightenment, but have been having trouble. I am eating a Raw diet, but didn’t know anything about this lipstick,” said Ami.

“You will learn with time that it isn’t just what you eat, but what you put on your skin that brings toxins into your system. Joy can teach you much about conscious make-up,” said Sky.

“I don’t want to teach HER,” said Joy.

“Shhh, we need to awaken the world, and that includes people like her. She has heard the call. We can work with people who have heard the call. Please, Joy, give her your card, and Ami please stay for my talk. It will be an eye opener for you,” said Sky.

“Thank you, Sky. Of course I will stay. You have such a deep voice. I’d listen to it all night long,” said Ami.

Ami sat on a cushion next to Sky. Joy rolled her eyes, and handed her a card. It read, “Joy River. Life Coach. Psychic readings, and Reiki Master healings.”

Ami closed her eyes, and tried to mediate. I tired so hard to fit in. I thought no one would notice that I didn’t belong here. Joy River, I’m stealing Sky from you. You will be the one to cry, not me.

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