Waking with the Sun


Woke up this morning before the sun was even completely up. No I need to sleep to at least 9am. Yet, as I didn’t fall back to sleep, and the room kept on getting brighter, I gave in and got up at 8:20am. (I went to bed at 11:30pm, but didn’t fall asleep till after 1:30am so was unsure which time to sleep until.)

First things first, I took my morning medication before even putting on glasses. Then was the wait till I could eat. I passed this time my backing Iced Tea, which is now cooling in the Fridge until it is cold enough to enjoy. At 8:40am I started Microwaving my Irish Porridge (I made on Friday) which I added a little organic cinnamon too and local honey. As soon as my Iced Tea was cooling on the counter, I stopped to eat. Then wanting my Iced Tea cold as soon as possible, I put it in the fridge a bit too early. It was still quite hot, as I don’t add Ice (like strong tea).

The thing that is promising about mornings, is that you have so much day ahead of you. The Sun will be up for hours, but I might let it warm up a bit before heading anywhere. So I ask myself what I should do this Sunday. Lately my Sundays have been mostly free, but not free of Drama. Just last Sunday I was in tears, but I have a feeling this day will be different.

I am a little worried about the week because Angel Souls had the following weekly reading.

I never know when a weekly reading won’t apply to me in a big way that week, or if the reading will be spot on. What I am really looking for in the weekly readings, is hearing some life advice. Just like I read channeling for hope, and not necessarily future predications, I do not listen to weekly readings for the future either.

These last three days have been one of those random times when my internal clock aligns with natural sunlight. I could overanalyze this process, but I will just say perhaps somedays the power of the sunrise is stronger then that of the moon over me. My Mother calls me moon, for my late night hours.

Well, I have hours of Sunlight left in the day, I don’t usually make plans for Sundays. Plans come to me on Sundays. If no plans come, I use the day to stay home usually, so as not to be tempted to spend any money going out to eat. Friday is my out to eat day, sometimes Saturday too. Sunday is my save money by cooking at home day. Often this is spaghetti, which I eat leftovers of for a few days.

I invested in organic store brand spaghetti, and organic store band tomato sauce. As they are store brand I am afraid they might not taste as good. The only kind of normal pasta the store had in organic was the store brand. Everything else organic was made of rice, or some sort of gluten-free. The store brand organic pasta sauce was on Sale. I’m trying to save up money. So that meant spending $6 on brand organic pasta vs $3 on store brand wasn’t going to happen.

When I woke on Friday, I wanted to make Irish Porridge as soon as I looked in my cabinets. Yet, I wanted it with milk. So I made a trip to the food co-op where I got milk and eggs. I also stopped to get a breakfast at one of the few places open that early downtown. I do not shop at the co-op often, just for local milk, eggs, and fluoride-free toothpaste. I am particular about my brand of fluoride-free toothpaste. They do not have it at Kroger or Meijer.

In case you are wondering, I did talk to a dentist before switching to fluoride-free. Due to my hypothyroidism I need to avoid fluoride. They even looked this up for me, to make sure I wasn’t getting information of the internet that wasn’t backed by the medical community. After seeing that fluoride does in fact impact the thyroid, they said I kept good enough care of my teeth that I could use non-fluorinated toothpaste. Just to brush my gums softly as this kind of toothpaste can be rough in texture.

Quick google searches lead me to Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil + Neem which is said to even be good for those with deep pockets. So I knew it must be the right kind for gums. The first time I tried non-fluorinated toothpaste, it was the rough on gums kind (forget the brand) I ended up with sore gums and headaches.

I am not sure if the headaches were from fluoride withdrawal, which does not seem to be talked about on the internet. People asking questions about if someone can get fluoride withdrawal are just given the normal lies about how fluoride is good for you. These are the same people who used to say smoking was good for you, and corsets helps a woman breathe properly.

Fluoride was actually listed as a neurotoxin by the Worlds most prestigious journal. This classification was made in the journal in 2014, but is just now in some non-mainstream media sources.

So I now both filter my water with a powerful filter, and have non-fluoride toothpaste. The funny thing is I am not dieting, and people are asking if I lost weight in only a month. So the change must be helping my thyroid. My scale is out of batteries to I cannot document if I have lost weight officially. I look skinner in the face.

I am unsure of the entertainment value of this post. A really good writer can write about everyday things, and make it interesting. I am not sure if I am a really good writer. I am a good writer, but ‘really good’? I don’t know.

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