Hello World,

I am sorry I am not posting as much. I am trying to keep a flow of quality posts going, but you may have noticed the amount I post varies. Inspiration is like rain, and when it rains it pours. I, however, am in a dry spell. Sure the rain has been falling outside, but I haven’t had the Inspiration of ideas to write about.

I harvested the Green Beans and Yellow Beans I grow today. They did not take long to wash, steam and season with Salt/Pepper/Olive Oil. The Olive Oil was a good touch, but I had some at the bottom of the plate at the end. Knowing that veggies/salt/pepper are harmless to skin, I used the remaining Olive Oil on my hands and arms. It has been used for who knows how long in Italy for such. Nothing went to waste.

A few more of my plants are getting ready for harvest. I have many green tomatoes growing. (Five tomato plants in all.) I suppose my Basil is long overdue for a few leaves to be taken off. I have two Basil plants that are both good for pesto. My next trip to the garden might be once I have the other ingredients for a good pesto dish.

Sadly one of my Green Bean Plants wrapped around a healthy Green Bean Plant, and managed to pull it out. I hope it starts to produce Green Bean3flowers soon. Maybe it is a weed, disguised as a bean plant. Not sure how I managed to plant two so close together. Maybe a seed sprouted that was delayed after I planted.

The carrots are taking up a lot of space. They have grown big plants above the ground. They are crowding out the beans and peas. I didn’t have instructions for how far to plant the carrots apart. So I guessed. The peas have yet to produce anything, and look a little spare.
Same with the strawberries.

If I do a garden next year, I will have one years worth of experience. I will know which plants to do over again, and how to get the spacing right.

Next year, I might do a balcony garden for herbs, and use the garden plot for veggies/marigolds.

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