Seven of Cups

Okay, okay. I have been distracted from writing this post for a while. I started the post and before I had a single word down my phone rang. Next I had to check Instagram, because replying to comments you know. I can talk to strangers easily in real life, but when I receive comments online my mind goes blank on how to reply a majority of the time.

Anyway, I have finally settled down to write with no idea what to write. I am hoping the topic will emerge if I just keep writing. Other than a little basic cooking and cleaning it was a slow day here. The weather was beautiful and I sat on the balcony a while. I did study a little Korean today and I really need to make a habit of it if I am going anywhere with my language learning.

Yet, now the sun is down and I am seeking to practice my writing skills. I do believe I’ve improved since I first started blogging. For one thing, I used to have a habit of using a LOT of random capital words because when I was writing certain words felt like they were said stronger than others. I still fall into that habit occasionally, but try to go back and edit (uncapitalize) for a smoother reading experience.

I don’t think the post is going to be very spiritually based, we certainly are not diving deep into infinite waters with Ralph Smart at the moment. Jemma, my cat, is relaxing while cleaning her paws. My new roommate is taking a shower. I’d like to journey into the realms of intuition to get some personal guidance, but I get distracted when I try.

I do not write about what my intuition tells me often. Mainly because it is multidimensional so the insights are based on the dimension my intuition is scanning at the moment.

I vaguely recall a story about not getting pulled into the illusionary world when meditating. A meditator was meet by beautiful beings while meditating and entered into their realm. No sooner was he there than the beings turned ugly and frightening. I forget the rest of the story.

Intuition can be so fleeting and symbolic that it often feels illusionary. I have known those who dance with the realms that the meditator entered. The realms of elementals, fae, spirit guides, angels, etc can all be seen as the illusionary realms. Yet, being illusionary does not mean they are not real. It is just that the language these realms speak in is symbolic and it takes skill/practice to interpret them.

The psychic/shaman journeys some of the other realms that many traditions have taught the meditator to ignore. As full of rabbit holes as the Internet is, there are many more for the mind. Yet, I see no issue with playing in the realms of the seven of cups.

If you would like some insight on the seven of cups, I discovered this website while doing a search on the topic.

My philosophy on the realm of spirit and mind is not to get too attached. What is true in one moment might be gone in the next. Reading ‘A Course in Miracles’ I got the impression it was saying that what changes is not real. Yet, in this world most everything changes. I have written about the sense of the unchanging self and Mooji can direct you to find it better than me.

I would say I am a bit more of a dancer with the mind/spirit realm than a meditator. I allow myself to go down the mind’s rabbit holes and a majority of the time I don’t remember what insight I had at that moment. This is perhaps why I enjoy Tarot Pick-a-Card readings. Of the countless readings I’ve watched, I dare say, I should have mountains of secret admires, lol.

Yet, even with the number of followers on Instagram or Subscribers on my blog hardly adding up to what the Tarot readers foresee. I do, perhaps, have countless secret admires in the unseen realms and the cards pick up on that.

It is getting late. writing this post has really made me want to pull out my cards. I wonder what hand life would deal me at this moment. Good night!

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  1. I too am learning a new language (no particular reason, just decided to), and my method is learning two new Chinese characters a day. It’s been almost a year now and I’m up to about 800 characters, so I say keep at it. The daily learnings might be small, but time will pass and one day you’ll end up realising you can actually understand another language. Keep at it!

    • Thank you, with all the Korean shows I’ve watched over the years I hope I have a good start. Just continue studying until I can understand without subtitles. Thankfully Hangul is quick to learn.

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