Repost: The left and right wing belong to the same bird…

I wrote this post on August 20, 2019. For reasons I cannot understand I cannot find a reblog button on any of my posts. I have the feature turned on, but it doesn’t appear for me.

Someone from Finland read this post yesterday so I decided to review it. It is short, but, to me, very powerful. It is even more timely now than when I first wrote it.

The left and right wing belong to the same bird and in the middle is the brain. The left and right wing cannot fly by themselves and they do not have control of the direction they fly.

It is in the middle that the power is held for the left and right wing cannot talk to each other without the body of the bird in the middle.

The world is filled with opposite views. Yet the true power is found when one does not get lost on one side, but uses the power of each side to direct life.

The left wing is powerful, but it is not balanced.

The right wing is powerful, but it is not balanced.

Use your left and right wing wisely picking when to use one or the other. If you only build up one side of a building it is not a stable structure.

The same with life. Balance the aspects of the self and other. Do not be altruistic or hedonistic. Look not for rules but tools. Find the middle way where the right side of your body can work with the left because it is hard to walk down a path with only one leg, it is impossible to fly with only one wing.

When I wrote this post I was inspired by the famous Native American quote about the left and right wing belonging to the same bird. I have revisited aspects of this topic a number of times in posts. I was also thinking about the concept of the Middle Way that Buddha taught.

I am not an expert on Buddhism. I read Hermann Hesse’s book, ‘Siddhartha.’ That inspired the ‘altruistic or hedonistic’ part. I also listened to Alan Watts quite a bit early on in my spiritual quest. Yet, most my knowledge on Buddhism is bits and pieces I have picked up from living as a ‘loosely new aged’ individual in Michigan.

Overall a lot of behind the scenes study went into the post along with my overall experience trying to be a moderate in a family of liberals and conservatives. I am sure you recognize the political nature of the post, but the Middle Way goes beyond politics. It is a way of life that can be applied to all aspects of duality. For with every two opposing polarities there is the space between.

I would like to extend that not just the the brain is in the middle of the left and right side of the body, but also the heart, most the organs and the entire chakra system.

Be centered and balanced in order to walk in a world where the left and right side of things so often decide to fight instead of working together. When both hands work together they can build amazing things.

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