Letter to Reader

Time to put the keys on this keyboard to work. Only, as happens often, I do not have any idea what to write about. Who knows how many times I think to write something, but cannot think of a topic so move on to the next distraction. Today I am the writer… as you can see I have put these words onto the screen. I guess at this moment you get to be the reader!

Hello Reader,

I ordered food from a restaurant today that is only a 15 minutes walk away. That gives me about an hour to write before I need to walk to pick up food. I know it would be even shorter driving, but I have been surviving with my legs and the bus system so long that I do not have a car. Now that the buses are on essential business only, I am relying mainly on my legs.

I paused for a very many moments after that as my mind searched for a topic again. I guess this is the kind of post it will be where I jump in and out of topic, unless I happen upon a topic that is particularly inspiring, like BTS.

I bought some of the Lemona vitamins that BTS endorsed. Each one has a picture of a BTS member on it. Sometimes when I take the vitamins I think making a joke about how I am taking the vitamin to channel the motivation of the member on the packet, because, as energizing as vitamin C, B2 and B6 is, BTS goes beyond what a vitamin can do with their hard work.

My energy tends to be more of a calming energy, if Lemona made a vitamin packet with my image, I think it would need some chamomile. The Reiki Master who attuned me to Reiki warned me to expect to have to wake up clients after a session because my calm energy would relax many people to the point of sleep.

I do not pursue the path of being a Reiki healer for a career. I have done some healing sessions in person, but mainly I focus the energy on world events and distance healing requests. I do know that my hands are activated, because if I place my hands over, for example my lungs, I can feel a warmth reaching deep into the lungs.

I was a healer before being attuned to Reiki, but I was more of a natural healer who just talked to people and let my energy do all the work while I focused on having a nice conversation. I use my intuition to direct the conversation just speaking whatever comes to mind. Kind of like how I am just writing what words pop into my head.

Only with a conversation there is a natural pause and listen, so sometimes I would use my natural healer ability by just listening. There are people who really need someone that will deeply listen to them. They don’t need much feedback, just the knowledge that they are heard.

I have a long attention span for listening. I guess that is the reader in me. Reading is kind of like sitting back and turning on the listening.

Thank you reader for listening to me ramble on about whatever popped into my mind. I can talk about the ‘deep’ topics, but dancing on the surface without over analyzing can be fun as well.

I am not sure where this post rates on my scale of successful writing. I have a feeling it will get buried under other posts with more catchy titles and tag words. Yet, for me it was a successful post in that I was able to talk, and someone, I have a feeling at least one person, will be willing to listen.



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