Back to Snow


After a long 10 day vacation and a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean, I am back in Michigan. I was greeted by a snowstorm… or at least the tail end of one. Today many of the schools that didn’t close for MLK day decided it was too cold for business.

I took a good amount of pictures on my trip and a few have made it onto Instagram. (You can see my Instagram at the side of my webpage.)

I do not think the cold will last for long. I have been feeling tired today. I did get a good amount of sleep last night, but my arms are complaining from the work carrying luggage. I have not exactly unpacked yet nor have I completely settled back into the flow of things.

Sleepiness is keeping me from getting into the flow of writing as well. Many times have I stopped to yawn while writing this. Anyway, heads up! I am back from travels.


Categories: Beginnings

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