The silent thunder

When I had no real audience, just a vague concept of expressing myself to someone, I used to write. Yet, when I realized that others were listening I silenced. For from ones words come misunderstandings. So I have been taking this journey in silence.

The power of my words now is very strong. My heart open, my emotions bare. At times I realize what I don’t know. Leaving this room this quiet night as the only thing that exists to me right now.

What if this moment could drag on as long as I need it to. That I could be in the stillness not worrying about tomorrow. What if it doesn’t matter who was right and who wrong?

On the internet are many wars for the winning of popular opinion. Many triggered by the slightest offense or non-offense. I wish to express my emotion without worrying about the backlash.

My mind can dance with all the conflicting views. As others see saviors where some see demons.

Every day the world seems more staged and theatrical as the illusion drops or drags one in.

Yet, in this moment this quiet night the world sleeps. The peace of dreams overtakes war of fears. It becomes apparent, you don’t have to live in the world while on the world.

Sleep is a mystery. Not understood though studied. When one wakes does not wake matured or crying?

I hold my silence like thunder. What do I know that I am not saying? What is the real ‘secret’ that has nothing to do with money.

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