Practicing Law of Attraction in Life

For many years I have been fascinated with Law of Attraction. Listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube is a relaxing pass time. However, are they just words I enjoy or is there substance to teachings?

The answer to that question depends on who you are asking, or in this case, what part of myself am I asking? I choose which part of my personality is exhibited in the world. The true answer to that question would be a multilayered nuance best summed up with Darryl Anka phrase, “You create your own reality.”

My life experience overall has been that I create my own reality. This is where my power is held. This is where a great deal of power is held. Yet, all to often my beliefs have me creating a reality where today looks a lot like yesterday.

I have to admit that I am skilled. I am intelligent. I am knowledgeable. So what has been holding me back? My beliefs. There are plenty of avenues for someone with my ability to live a far more abundant life than I have been living.

This post will not be further rehashing of the past. This is a post about today.

I want to be a self employed internet content maker, a jack of all trades. This includes creating artwork, writing and photography. Of these three things the most portable is the phone. Now writing on a phone is a time consuming process. Going into video editing on the phone is a time consuming process, however, taking a photo with minimal editing (using apps only on the phone) is short simple. Portable and effective.

I have decided the most efficient way to test the Law of Attraction is to use the simple portable (I have it with me anyway) phone and get my hashtag game on. I have been listening to Rockstar Affirmations (which inspires me to post pictures more often) because we could all use a good placebo (in Basher Channeled by Darryl Anka terms: a permission slip.)

I have the distinct feeling I have written a similar post before. I write this kind of post when I am on the edge of a breakthrough. I sense I have the potential to have a much more affluent life. I enjoy listening to the promise that with the right mindset I can access greater abundance, but I transform my mindset?

What does a person do in order to attract a level of prosperity that so far has seemed impossible to me. Seems so many people believe they need to trade in time being bored or working to the bone for income. So far, in my attempts to attract greater abundance I have really just been attracting more work hours. Yet, what if I could have a passive income where I take a photo and thousands result from a minutes worth of work?

Here I am thinking of Kim Kardashian who was offered a million to run a single ad, which she turned down for personal reasons. While I might not want Kim Kardashian’s level of fame, I would very much enjoy her level of prosperity.

I don’t think the trick is really hashtags for this just puts me as a face in the crowd. A crowd where so many want to be seen, but what is the trick to being seen? In a world where artwork is stolen and reposted. Where ideas get retweeted without the link to original source. The trick is not to be more clever, talented or skilled.

Everyday, my power grows. This broding flame of a vortex held at bay. When I silent my mind I can feel various chakra or energy centers have grown in power. Perhaps there are those of silent prosperity living an abundant life fully supported by the Universe who can make a million from a seconds worth of effort, but whom you would never hear about in the news.

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  1. Well in order for the loa of attraction to work, you must apply emotion, thought and action.

    You cannot simply be aware of the law of attraction, that simply isn’t good enough, the loa of attraction is a tool for creation

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