I know I should speak…

I know I should speak about the issue of migrants and children. I am currently observing what various sources are saying. I no longer wanted this site to be political. I wanted one site for spirituality and another for art.

Right now I am getting a handle of what is going on and seeking outside opinions. I have been quiet so long and focused on art instead of this site that I doubt anyone is holding their breath waiting to see where I stand. I should attempt to sleep soon.

I know my job is that if being a peacemaker. I hold the bridge in my family been the different political views. I hold my silence and listen. I am currently analyzing and choosing if this is the time to find words that all sides could hear. If I word things a certain way half the people will write me off without listening. If I word them another way the other half will write me off.

So I ask both sides, to think before they react. To consider the best way of dealing with the problem, not with just the head, but also the heart. Regardless of who started the problem or when it started or even why it stated, we have a problem. We need it use our mind heart connection to come to solutions that cannot be arrived at if you use just the mind or just the heart.

How are we going to deal with the problem? You only strengthen the divide in this country if you blame it on the other side. You only close you heart and mind if you ignore it. I’d say that ignoring the problem is a sin. A missing of the mark, but pointing fingers and getting upset with your family or neighbors only escalates the problem but cutting off the communication cords that are needed for a solution.

So I ponder how to speak on this issue without losing cords of communication. This I think is why the spiritual teachers have not yet spoken.

I cannot figure out how to post a video from iPad so here is the link.

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