Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kindness?

I was contemplating a post Matt Kahn made about the three gates words go through, “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kindness?” It was an image post made a while ago that stood out to me. So let me go through the pondering process with you on the topic of immigrant children.

Is it true?

…that immigrant children are being put in cages?

In a way yes, but more like a cage around a building then a caged crib.

Is it necessary?

While I do not believe the process is being well done, I think some process is needed to make sure that children with adults are not a cover for child slavery. Human and Child Slavery is also true, and it is very easy to pretend to be parents to get undocumented children into a place where they will have no representation.

I am suddenly reminded of a Kryon channeling where he said it would be necessary (and fairly easy) to set up programs to evaluate immigrants to insure they are good people before letting them into the country.

With those two paragraphs I wonder how much of my audience I have alienated. I am looking for solutions and the solution might not be to hire judges, but to set up an entirely new immigration system that is safe for all involved. This should include programs to help the now considered ‘illegal’ immigrants settle into the country.

Here I hear the echo cry, “What about American jobs they will be taking?” We also need a new workforce program for adapting the nation to a society where a majority of jobs are done (not by immigrants,) but robots. Those who have been pushing for Disclosure talk about a large number of patents that have been classified. Patents that have society changing technology. Now I have no evidence for whether this technology is already invented or soon to be, but there is plenty of evidence that technology is going to continue to shrink the job market. So frankly, I do not think the old mentality about ‘immigrants taking American jobs’ will be a solution to the problems at hand and arising.

In fact, quite to the contrary of immigrants taking jobs, setting up a program for safely and effectively processing immigrants and ending the smuggling of children over the border would provide good paying jobs to Americans who would run those programs. Also, if there is a safe way to enter the country you won’t have to pass through dangerous deserts to sneak in. So you would automatically know that those entering illegally were smuggling something.

You might say, ‘There is a safe way to enter the country legally!” I’d say the evidence stands against this idea. If there was a safe way to enter why go the unsafe way? The real problem is the current immigration system is broken. The more you restrict safe immigration the more good people will go to desperate measures to enter the country making it harder to isolate the good people from the bad.

Now I hear the cry, “You are speaking like a democrat setting up more taxes!” In the past the government used to be able to print its own money instead of taxing extra for programs. The current money system is broken leading us to be stuck with three opinions:

  1. “Raise taxes and spend the money on systems that provide people with jobs (Therefore giving the money back.)”
  2. Keep taxes the same and hope that things will fix themselves.
  3. Lower taxes making the government cut programs so people will lose jobs and hope that those rich billionaires know how to save the country.

These are the solutions we think of have. The main question becoming, “How big do you want the government to be?” We are going to have to start thinking up new ideas. Perhaps a government issues a money of its own and simply makes it as valuable as a dollar is one idea that has nothing to do with taxes.

Now one only has to visit California to see how the high taxes and more programs plays out. In that state they have warnings that ‘coffee can cause cancer’ (or will soon) on coffee shops. This law was passed by a judge even if there is ample evidence that ‘coffee can prevent liver cancer.’

What we are facing now is the symptoms of a broken government system. Even with all the hope and promise of Obama and eight years in office, he was able to do very little in the broken system.

So is it necessary that children be separated from their parents to prevent child smugglers from hurting children? Is it necessary to stop most immigration to prevent threats from entering the country? I’d say it isn’t, but fixing the problem will take creativity as the resources for the government to build programs to handle the issue are limited.

Now the final question my words must go through.

Is it kindness?

It is not kindness to blame you neighbor for the problems of the world. It is not kindness to vent about Trump supporters and call conservatives racist. I have looked at the evidence and while some conservatives and liberals are racist being conservative or liberal does not make you racist. Some of you might be wondering why I called liberals racist, but I think this analysis would take a college dissertation to be explained because it has many details and nuances. Racism is not as simple a subject as one might believe.

It is also not kindness to separate children from their parents. There are actually many cases of this occurring in our society outside of the immigration issue. What do you do with a child while their parents are in prison? What do you do with a child if their parents become unable to take care of them for any reason, but do not want to give them up? Now sometimes it is for the well-being of the child that they are taken from their parents because not all parents are good people.

Think about the movie, “I am Sam.” Was it in the child’s best interest to be separated from her disabled Father? There are tough questions to be asked by our society.


The solution is not as simple as first meets the eye, and I recognized this and held my silence until I evaluated my answer. My words have passed through the three gates. The conclusion given the evidence at hand I give to you to decide. It is not an easy topic or a choice another should make for you.

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