Manifestion: Higher Self: The forgotten filter

How is it that thoughts can create reality, but you don’t have to overly fear the process? Hypothetically, how is it you can watch a movie about the world ending and think about the topic without attracting doomsday? With all the people thinking 12/21/2012 was the end of the world, how come their collective fear did not end the world?

I realized the answer is the higher self filter. You have great manifesting abilities, but if the higher self sees no benefit in the manifestation it is blocked. The higher self doesn’t just block things you think you want, but also keeps a great deal of our fears from happening. Unless the higher self sees benefit in that fear manifesting.

It is a blessed filter, that enables writers like J. K. Rolling to write about Voldemort without literally ending up with a dark wizard in her reality. We are such powerful manifesters that reading a book would literally transport us into the reality inside the book without the filter of the higher self. While teleporting to Hogworts might sound cool, it doesn’t seem like fun to me. Much less, think of what would happen if you picked up a Steven King novel.

Part of the manifestation process is reaching a level of maturity that the higher self trusts with less of a filter. Or another way of looking at it is aligning you thoughts with things that actually are benefits.

The Earth School is largely about learning how to control ones fears and align thoughts so that the filter can be lifted. In the spirit world someone can manifest a mansion in an instant, which sounds wonderful until you manifest a demon from your fears in an instant.

In in the spirit world, we are protected as well, also by the higher self. Only in that world the higher self can literally speak to you through beings similar to angels. The highest self is sometimes called God.

By coming to Earth we temporarily greatly slow down the manifestation process while we learn version 2.0 of manifestation. Manifestion has a different filter on Earth. Yet, the plan is to lower the filter slowly as the souls on the planet mature. Part of maturing is learning how to not manifest a demon without the filter that stops it.

I suppose the main addition of version 2.0 is the amount of action required to manifest. The need for action slows down the process and gives more checks and balances. The increased effort of manifestation increases the value of the result.

In the spirit world if you create a palace on a whim, the details are often not as thought out, and overall the value of the manifestation feels less because it was so effortless. So if you think of the manifestation of Earth and it’s cultures and how much effort was put into every detail of turning it closer to heaven. We end up with a very valuable and well thought out manifestation. Every human and animal who has incarnated here adds to the detail and value through their life.



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