Creating a Masterpiece

I have done a lot of artwork in the past for the enjoyment of it and not really thinking about where it would end up. I have decided to create a piece with the intention that it will be shown in the Louvre. I will not create pieces to be shown briefly at the top of Blog posts which need to be produced in a reasonable amount of time so I do not have a to limit the number of posts. I stopped the action of making art for my Blog at the beginning of this year.

I am going to make art with the intention that it will be known as a Masterpiece… which is something that I think today’s artists don’t always strive for. Now I am getting a little nervous about getting in the flow of artwork so that I am able to produce a Masterpiece worthy of the Louvre, and it might take me a few tries until I have finally produced the piece that ends up in the Louvre.

You see my dream is to be a Master Artist, but when I am creating the artwork I do not connect the action of doing art with that dream. So, I am going to live this week as I would if I were an artist who had no trouble selling a Digital print (signed) for more than I would need to live in a year. Where I make much more than I currently live on in a year long in the selling of that single first print.

So how would I live the week differently if I were creating pieces to be shown at the Louvre? How would my artwork be different?

So based on listening to the book “How to Manifest Your Desires” by Neville Goddard, I am going to live the week as a Master Artist (who currently is better known outside of America so people here tend to not realize I am a Master Artist). Also, a Digital Artist who currently uses outdated art programs because I was comfortable and didn’t want to learn a new system.

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