Meet Jemma

As Lulu moved with my roommate to California, I adopted Jemma. She was a shy cat at the Humane Society… or so I thought. The people at the Humane Society thought she would take a month before she was ready to get out of the room.

Enter Day 2: Around 9pm. Jemma has been hiding (or so I think) all day. Suddenly she emerges

This shy cat is suddenly very comfortable and wants to explore, seek attention, eat, play in her water bowl, etc. So I think she has adjusted quickly.

Enter Day 3: This Jemma is suddenly shy again and hiding all day (or so I think.) At just before 9pm she comes out of hiding and is social/confident again.

So considering I am hearing her snoring right now, I think I have a Night Owl cat on my hands. At the Humane Society, they were closed before her active hours, so they thought she was a fearful shy cat. They even underlined a phone number for Behavioral Problems in case she wasn’t able to leave the startup room before the month was up.

They were not dealing with the true Jemma, but the sleepy Jemma. I can hear her snoring under my bed right now. She is even snoring through the dog barking in the neighbor’s apartment.

So far Jemma is only eating the wet food. I have proceeded to leave more wet food out so that she does not go hungry. She has not even touched the dry food. When she drinks water she likes to put her paw in the water. Afterwards, she splashes a little water around in the bowl. I am unsure if this means she likes baths. She appears to like being brushed. I have not tried to clip her nails yet.

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