Prosperity Game: Day 14

Today in the Prosperity Game, I have $56,645.74 I need to spend. Or there whereabouts.

Depending on the course of my actions this could be a short post, or a really long one. I do realize that if I had $56,645.74 a bit of it would be to Kiva or some other charity. Giving when you have been given to, seems so natural. Perhaps someday I will do a charity Prosperity Game Edition.

I ended the last addition hinting at needing a place to store all my new cooking gadgets. So I will look for a… cabinet some some sort on Etsy.


$1,250 + Free Shipping + $75 = $1,325

Granted it might not store all the gadgets I ended up buying, but I already have a China Cabinet/Hutch and I only have so much room for furniture in my home.

10 minutes or so later… I just sat here pondering about life things not focused on the task at hand. Granted, I now have enough for a down payment, but if I wait a few weeks I might be able to forget the loan altogether and outright buy the house. So buying a house in good repair in a good location 100% paid is currently still out of the price range therefore I am going to have to think of something else to buy.

I was attempting to figure out how much a cruise would cost for 4 people at Sea Regents and than Princess. Both online systems were had to navigate.  With Princess I could not figure out how to book two rooms instead of one while with Sea Regents (they required a sign in to see fares.)

So I am doing a Disney Cruise with the money for 5 people (2 rooms.) Now I got really good rooms. The cost including tax is $12,893.70.  I would fly in a few days early  with one of the guests on First Class for $1,797.10 + $1,990.00 for hotel room for guests and me before trip another $1,500 for hotel room after trip and $3,675.27 for First Class Flight back for guests and $1,051.46 for 1 guest and me back.

Total trip cost $22,907.53

Spent so far $24,232.53 remaining $32,413.21…

I know this is something hard to track online and at one moment. I am putting aside $32,413.21 for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Tea Stores, Groceries and Transportation through Lyft for as long as the money lasts knowing full well I can replenish the account as needed.



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    • Yes, I know many places to get cheaper of a lot of these. I am trying to use up money online where I can look up the prices.

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