Prosperity Game

Day 7: Prosperity Game

As I have been  traveling and not playing the Prosperity Game… I have to figure out how to spend $25,000 today.

First off, as I am checking things off my list, the first goes to getting a Queen sized Intellibed. At Intellibed I will be getting the works… or in short the most expensive bed with all the add ons including ‘Adjustable Base,’ Special Pillow and Sheets.

$7,142.89 including shipping + tax $428.57 = $7571.46

So there is $17,428.54 remaining

I would get my eldest Nephew a Gift of Encha Matcha Ceremonial Grade in a Set with the tools needed for a tea ceremony for $95.50 along with two 60 gm bags of Ceremonial Grade Matcha for $45.95 each. So a total of $141.45 plus $8.49 tax = $149.94

So there is $17278.60 remaining

Next stop is a little more local…

Zingerman’s! A good place to spend money on food!

Jon & Amy’s Double Dip Corned Beef & Pastrami Reuben Kit: $200

Culinary Adventure Society (4 installments): $600

The Food Explorer’s Club (12 months): $475

Forbidden Foods Club (6 months):  $350

Great Lakes Artisan Box: $125

Total $1750 + 105 tax = $1,855.00

(I’ll likely go back to Zingerman’s for another day)

So there is $15528.60 remaining

This is taking a while so I am going to a sure fire site to spend money quick… Bloomingdale’s

Burberry: Banner House Check Medium Leather Tote (Slate Blue): $1595

Alice and Olivia: Vida Wide-Sleeve Sweater: $595
Burberry: Gorlan Check Open-Front Cardigan: $1295
Josie Natori: Lace-Trim Cami & Sleep Shorts: $400
Marco Bicego: 18K Gold Paradise Five Strand Mixed Stone Necklace: $8,610.00
Total: $12495 + $749.70 Final Price: $13,244.70

Remaining $2283.90

Okay, I got desperate and went to Bloomingdale’s and than discovered the clothes didn’t cost nearly as much as I had remembered. I had to go to fine jewelry once I got tired of shopping for clothes.

I will save the $2283.90 to make tomorrow more interesting. If I remember to play this game tomorrow.


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